We specialise in creating websites using Open Source frameworks such as Joomla, WordPress and Opencart. Its important that the initial frameworks are installed correctly, with the latest patch updates applied, and popular plugins or modules uploaded to ensure the new site is stable and ready to perform its task. As expert developers, we know what is required and how to install correctly. We can now offer this service as a standalone product, for a fixed fee, whether you wish us to simply undertake the framework installation, or to follow up with more advanced customisation..

Open source software installation by Exceed saves you money, speeds up development time and establishes your new site with in built reliability.

Benefits of using our software installation service

  • Get up and running quickly with minimal effort and with the latest version
  • Have all your favourite or recommended modules installed seamlessly at the same time so that your new site is ready to go right from the outset.
  • Take comfort in the knowledge that the site has been installed by open source experts who know exactly what file permissions, bug fixes and patch updates need to be set to ensure a stable site
  • Concentrate on your site content and design without having to spend hours researching the installation methods for your chosen platform.

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As expert developers for Joomla, WordPress and Opencart (others are availables), we can install the latest version of all popular open source frameworks, together with recommended additional plugin modules that are necessary for a fully functioning and secure website.

We install and customise Joomla, WordPress and Opencart frameworks fast and at a cost effective price. 

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