Exceeed Media Ltd Refund Policy

Exceed Media Ltd does not offer a refund policy nor any money back guarantee of any type as all our products are non tangible web related products. All sales are considered final. We do not prorate any part of our billing fees for any unused time. You may cancel any or all of your Exceed Media Ltd account at any time you desire by giving at least 30 days notice via your account support ticket system. If you joined with PayPal, please login to your PayPal account and cancel your subscription agreement after the final subscription payment has been taken. It is your responsibility to cancel any ongoing subscription payments with Paypal. If you joined Exceed Media Ltd via a yearly payment option and you cancel before the year has expired, your Exceed Media Ltd account will remain active until exactly 30 days have passed from the date of your notification of cancellation, after which it will be terminated unless you renew your billing before the 30 days has expired. As there are discounts involved in our annual plans, we do not offer prorata refunds irrespective of the time left on your uearly plan. If you joined Exceed Media Ltd via a monthly payment option, your account will be terminated 30 days after your last invoice date. For your privacy, all data and files from terminated and cancelled accounts are immediately deleted and purged from our servers. This includes any and all back ups. Please make sure to back up all your files and data before cancelling your Exceed Media Ltd account.

Web Hosting Plans - Refund Policy

All web hosting plans are fully managed by Exceed Media Ltd. The only exception to this is where a domain name has to be purchased, we cannot refund the costs of domain names, as we use an external service for this procedure. On the event of a refund claim, we will refund the monies due minus the domain name charge (if applicable) and forward the domain name details to the email used for purchasing. It will then be your responsibility to transfer the domain name to another web hosting company.

Domain Names - Refund Policy

All domain names are purchased for a period of 1 year, or in the case of .uk domains for a period of 2 years. No refunds can be given once a domain name has been ordered. All domain names automatically renew at the end of their purchase period web. If you do not wish your domain to be renewed, you need to give us at least 60 days notice in advance of the domain name renewal date. If you cancel your Exceed Media Ltd account you are entitled to keep the domain that has been used for the account. We can also transfer it to any web hosting company or domain registrar of your choice for a fixed price fee of £25+vat to cover our administration charges.

SSL Certificates - Refund Policy

All SSL certificates are either purchased via RapidSSL or Geotrust directly by ourselves at the point of purchase by the client. If you experience any problems with the certificate, please get in contact with us as soon as possible. All certificates are purchased for 12 months, after which the certificate will have to be renewed. We cannot guarantee the same price for the certificate renewal as the prices are not controlled by ourselves, but by RapidSSL and Geotrust, please be aware of this when ordering. All SSL certificate purchases are non refundable and final upon order.

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