Buyer protection and positive reviews give your customers peace of mind.

With total reassurance , customers can apply for a money-back guarantee at no cost when buying from you as an an accredited retailer with a shopper guarantee scheme. Without any financial risk to themselves, fewer carts are abandoned and higher basket values can be achieved in your store.

For enhanced SEO purposes, your customer reviews are automatically displayed in your Google AdWords ads and search engine results, improving your quality score and lower your AdWords costs while you’re at it!

Use A Trusted Review System if…

  • You want to start collecting genuine customer reviews to increase credibility and search engine ranking
  • You want to use a trustmark certificate from a recognised brand to reassure site visitors
  • You want to offer customers a generous financial buyer protection scheme at minimal cost
  • You want an affordable monthly solution at less than two thirds the cost of comparable services

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We thoroughly recommend the use of shopper review systems as they offer the double edged benefit of enhanced trust and guarantees for customers, together with increased SEO benefits by allowing search engine results to show your star ratings at the point of initial interest.

Exceed Media recommends Trusted Shops as an affordable shopper review system for your online store. 

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