Keep in touch with your customers using our easy to use email marketing service. You will be able to see instantly who has opened your emails, and what links they click on, plus much more. Enjoy no restrictions on subscriber numbers with us, and enjoy a fully featured control panel that is easy to use, packed with advanced features and capable of delivering your message quickly and efficiently to your customer lists on a regular basis.

Key features of our Mailstar email marketing suite

  • Generous monthly allowance of e-mails included within every plan with an unlimited subscriber allowance
  • Easy to use control panel for managing campaigns, subscriber lists and more
  • Single e-mail shots available for a fixed price fee, no commitment necessary
  • We can design you a branded e-mail template that can be used every time you send a mailshot and looks great in all type of e-mail reader

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Mailstar is our own in-house email marketing service based in the UK exclusively for use by our business customers. Unlike some of the other more well known services out there, we don't allow access for just anyone, and so we don't have to put restrictions on our customers, such as double opt-in requirements or charging by the number of email addresses in your marketing lists

Mailstar is an easy to use email marketing system with generous allowances at a cost effective price. 

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