CDN stands for Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network. Basically, it’s a bunch of highly optimised servers spread out all across the world, with a bit of unique logic worked into them so that your site visistors always hit the server that’s closest to them. This leads to huge performance improvements for sites that have visitors from all across the world and increased reliability as major website files are delivered from the cloud, not just a single server.

We can add a CDN node into your website or eCommerce store with minimal effort and no downtime for an affordable monthly subscription.

Why your business will benefit from a CDN connection

  • Load balancing of your website, ultra fast page load times no matter how high the demand
  • Relieves bandwidth demand on your main website server, saving money and increasing security
  • Reduces website bottlenecks, if a local network is down, content can still be delivered from the CDN.
  • Very affordable monthly subscription makes this a must have website add-on in todays global marketplace

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Because it distributes your data across the globe, a CDN is beneficial for pretty much everyone. Larger WordPress blogs and sites with a lot of traffic, sites serving videos or other downloadable files benefit most, as it speeds up these downloads. Other sites that benefit are sites that are often on Digg or other huge sites – as it spreads the load across a network of servers, rather than just one.

We can offer instant global website content delivery for your business at a cost effective price. 

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