In today's marketplace, prospective customers accessing your website and comparing you with other sites at the same time. By pro-actively talking to them in real time, you can lessen the chance of them viewing or transacting on competitor sites, and converting them into customers right there on screen. Offer live discounts, assistance and instant support, position yourselves one step ahead of your competition and convert more sales. Visit the Olark site here.

Easy to use software that converts visitors into customers live in real time.

Benefits to your business of using live chat software

  • Talk directly to site visitors while they are on your site, convert more customers instantly before they start browsing the web
  • Use "pre-emptive" chat to pop up a message after a set of rules have occurred, alowing you to interact with customers even before you've started watching them
  • See what pages they viewed, and help them directly with the page or product they are viewing at the tim of talking to them
  • Offer links, offers and file downloads directly in the chat box to close that deal at that precise moment in time

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We have partnered with Olark, one of the web's leading live chat systems. Olark has powerful features to give you access to visitors and their behaviours. Make your business (and your site) look good and keep your customers coming back. Easy to integrate, even easier to operate, its the affordable solution to increased sales and conversions.

Easy to use live chat software to convert more visitors, available for an affordable monthly subscription. 

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